About Us

I am Nicholas Alipaz and I am the owner of Motorcycle Dress-Up. I do my best to provide quality parts for the motorcycles and brands I know and love. I founded the company in June of 2020 when I was trying to piece together an engine dress-up kit for myself. Noticing the lack of options in the metric cruiser market I started working with a manufacturing partner to create custom kits for both myself and potential customers.

The business was a little slow to start but it finally picked up and once I started selling my dress-up kits I started to note many other products that were missing or difficult to obtain in the marketplace. That is when I started to work on distributing other quality products that I believe in. I distribute for more than 20 different suppliers now.

I am very careful about the products I choose to sell. I try to make products available to my customers that I believe are high quality, unique, and field-tested. Most of the items I have actually tested on my own motorcycle, friends’ motorcycles, or I have trust-worthy sources who have tested them.

A bit about me professionally and how I got here. I have worked in many different trades and industries but I decided to finally venture out on my own with this company. I went to college for music eduction, I play Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Trumpet, Ukulele, and many other instruments. I even worked in sales and marketing for a stint. However, I quickly decided being an educator in the school system wasn’t for me and I jumped into website technology which I had done as a hobby since High School and that is where I worked for 20+ years.

I worked as a programmer building websites and applications, maintaining, optimizing, and administering. I did system administration as a full-stack “LAMP” engineer in dev-ops and agile work environments. Worked on boatloads of websites for Sony Pictures, PRIDE, MAGIC, International Motorcycle Shows, Los Angeles Comic Con, Virgin Mobile, Thai Airways, and many more companies. In 2020 I was finally burnt out on tech and I went to one of my other fallbacks starting a Handyman business which I still do on the side when I am not working on MDU (I worked in construction in college).

Today I focus on MDU as my main business and source of income. I pride myself on offering great stuff at fair prices and making things a lot easier for the motorcycle market. I bring with me my long experience in technology, engineering/analysis, and design to provide a better website user experience, knowledge/design of products, and great customer service.

I wouldn’t be here without all the people that support me in this business and I believe my customers are the most important part. I thank you all for your patronage. I look forward to growing and to continuing to be of service as Motorcycle Dress-Up!