Customized Motorcycle Seats, Levers, and More!

Here at Motorcycle Dress-Up we believe that our customers should have the best possible user experience when shopping at our store. We also think that being able to get a product that meets the desired specifications and aesthetics of our discerning customers is paramount.

To buy a fully customized product, especially something like a motorcycle seat, is a rewarding shopping experience and makes a huge difference in the overall look of your bike. The thing is that many manufacturers who make custom products require a visit to one of their ride-in locations to get everything exactly how you want, and while some manufacturers do allow more custom offerings on their websites they usually minimize what is allowed to be customized to simplify their sales pages. Finally other companies try to offer a lot more but the user experience on the website is half-baked or confusing due to poor planning, design, and/or choices.

It is a known marketing fact that customers given too many unclear offerings can get overwhelmed and abandon their shopping altogether. For these reasons you can understand why most manufacturers will taper and filter their online product offerings.

Here at Motorcycle Dress-Up not only do we offer great products and customer service but we have lots of other skills to help our customers have a great online shopping experience. We have over 20 years of website development, engineering, digital marketing, and user experience expertise working at and developing for huge companies like Sony Pictures, Virgin Mobile, Thai Airways, Mozilla, and International Motorcycle Shows to name a few. We love to be able to bring our engineering skills into the fold to create solutions that have been otherwise unavailable to our customers.

We have developed product configurators and visualization techniques for a modern web experience. When we have products that are customizable in many different ways we do our best to provide a configurator that will allow you to see what the product will look like when it is delivered! With all that explained we want to share some of the configurators we currently have.

Saddlemen Step-Up Seat Configurator

This is currently our most complicated and versatile configurator. It allows you to chose between 11 different materials, 13 thread colors, 7 different threading layouts, 2 gel configurations, 3 integrated seat options, and any available combination of those options. It integrates a display of all the chosen options and generates a visual representation of what your custom seat will look like once assembled by Saddlemen.

Here you see the initial configurator when you click Configure on the product page
Clicking on the first option for Material Choices allows you to select any materials you might need for your seat customizations. As you can see the configuration costs and the product pricing updates as you make any upgraded selections
You will then have options to choose the material for each section of the seat as well as heating, gel, and thread color options
In the final step you choose the color of the Saddlemen logos on the seat and you can review all your selections for the final pricing. You can even go back through prior steps to reconfigure with different options if you change your mind.
Once added to cart you will see all your chosen configuration options outlined and the pricing details. All that is left is to check out and wait for production of your cool new seat!
Lastly the whole experience is completely mobile friendly using modern responsive web design techniques. This allows you to get a great experience even on a small phone screen!

ASV and Puig Lever Configurators

We offer this same sort of configurator for the colored levers we sell. Many companies have started to offer a great deal of customization on lever color. Here you can see what this configurator looks like

TackForm Motorcycle Phone Mount Configurator

We love TackForm mounts and use the components they have for lots of other things other than phone mounting even. But we felt that the standard shopping cart functionality for these mounts doesn’t really give the best user experience and make it clear what you might need to buy to get the right mount for your desired setup, so we built a configurator here too.

We hope that these make your shopping experience that much more simple and enjoyable. We are continuing to develop more options and sell more products that will benefit from this sort of technology! Thanks for shopping with us!