California EPA Info

To Our California Customers:

Recently the California Air Resources Board has begun investigating exhaust and intake manufacturers and distributors for selling improperly labeled and or non-CARB compliant exhaust and intake systems in California. In some cases fines have been issued. Motorcycle Dress-Up has always disclaimed the street legality of aftermarket exhausts, intakes, and related products. Exhaust systems and intakes sold by Motorcycle Dress-Up have always been labeled and marketed for competition use only and are not and have never been legal for use on public roads. However, it is legal in California to purchase racing equipment and parts for use on the racetrack and closed course events per the CARB definition listed below.

Competition Use Only – competition or racing parts are those that have not been proven by their manufacturers to not increase vehicle emissions. These parts are not legal for use on any pollution-controlled vehicle in California, and they are required to be labeled as such when they are offered for sale. These parts may only be used on closed course racing or competition vehicles, or on off-road vehicles manufactured prior to the ARB’s introduction of off-road emissions standards.

We have various links to CARB information from their web site and our own pertaining to this matter and posted them here in an effort to shed some light on this matter:

Click here to view MIC’s FAQ.

You may also visit A.R.B.’s website at for additional information.