Backwards Front Fender

This fender is backwards, note the longer front side of the fender

Is your front fender backwards? Did someone say it was?! You ended up here so… yeah… probably.

Why? #

Dealers put together the motorcycle and they usually just don’t pay enough attention to see the minor size difference.

How can I tell which direction it should go #

This fender is installed correctly, note the shorter front side of the fender.

The two sides of the fender are different in length. The front is the shorter of the two.

How do I fix it? #

You don’t need to remove the front tire completely but you do need to drop the front tire down enough to get to the fender mounting bolts. So you will need a jack or at least some way of getting the front tire off the ground. Remove the fender bracket bolts and carefully slide the fender out, it is a little flexible so you can bend the center a little to aid in maneuvering it out. Flip it around and put everything back together.

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