Gas Caps

There are few gas caps marketed as direct fit replacements for the bolt.

Gas caps that are compatible #

  • Stock oviously
  • Yamaha 5PJF46100100 – Fits perfectly and requires no key but was made to recess into a scooter tank so it has an unfinished gold/brass ring that sticks above tank
  • For those simply looking for a black cap, the SCR950 came stock with a black cap and is likely the best option in lieu of painting the stock cap. Swapping the cap tumbler may be able to be done if you wish to keep the same key on the entire bike. Part Number: 5VK-24602-30-00
  • The stock cap for the Yamaha XT660 is black and similar to the above SCR950, it also fits
  • T.B.S.S Push-button Fuel Cover for a TMAX500 (08-11) and TMAX530 (12-16)

Epoxy gas cap kits #

These caps use epoxy to modify the hole and make it receive and different threading cap.

Flush mount caps #

There is currently no kit for this without actually welding something in place. The following cap has been successfully welded in place by a few people.

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