2015 Speedometer with improved display
2014 Speedometer, very dark display

There is a general discord among most riders about their feelings on the stock speedometer. Some like it for it’s modern digital design and others would prefer something more analog. Additionally many have had complaints regarding the brightness of the speedometer display.

2014 Speedometer Brightness #

The first year production models had a lot of riders complaining of issues being able to read the speedometer. The issue was so widespread that the 2015 featured less tinting on the glass. Although some cited it as a possible danger to riders since they may get caught trying to read a hard to see display Yamaha didn’t recall the 2014 speedometers much to many riders chagrin. Many riders still complain of brightness even on the newer display

Alternative Speedometers #

The Koso TNT-B

There is only one plug ‘n play speedometer available on the market, the Koso TNT-B. Many feel the speedometer is an upgrade from stock being it has a number of features not available on the stock one. Features like a gear indicator, service maintenance trip, brighter and customizable color backlight, and tachometer to name a few. However, some do have issue with it because you are able to set the odometer mileage during setup and this could potentially fake/reset a motorcycle’s mileage. Some could argue the same for the stock speedometer on most any motorcycle since one would only have to keep the stock speedometer unplugged to keep mileage low if they wished to fake mileage in the future.

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