Steering Bearing Replacement

If you have a Death Wobble you likely need new steering bearings. This is a general guide on doing the job. This is not a direct step-by-step but it does give you a basic idea of what is required.

If you look at the All Balls Steering Bearing & Seal Kit you will see that it provides seals, tapered bearings, and tapered races. To complete the install of tapered bearings there are a few extra steps that have to be done and you also have to have or fashion some tools.

You will need to punch out the old races from the head tube and the steering stem. To get the bottom race off you may need to cut a stress fracture and then hammer it out with a punch. This is likely the hardest part of the job. Once the old races have been removed properly it should be pretty straight-forward fitment. Be sure to lube it all up.

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