Yuasa YUAM72Z14 YTZ14S

Common questions are things like:

  • My bike won’t turn over and just goes, click, click click…
  • The lights are fluttering when I ride
  • The engine feels like it is running on one cylinder

Typically the answer to most of these questions is, you need a new battery.

New batteries #

The stock battery is a Yuasa YUAM72Z14 YTZ14S. This is generally the most recommended battery for replacement. It is recommended to top off a new battery using a trickle charger even if they come pre-charged.

Some other batteries that people have had success with:

Lithium Batteries #

When changing to a Lithium battery it is important to understand what changes. Lithiums charge differently and this can have horrible consequences when things get out of whack. There have been a number of horror stories of bikes catching fire or smoking from a lithium battery melting. The stories are certainly true but they could be avoided if the proper changes were made to the charging system.

Because of the way lithium batteries charge they need a rectifier/regulator that is made for them. That said it is highly recommended that when switching to a lithium battery you also change the rectifier/regulator to a lithium rated rectifier/regulator. Rick’s Motorsport Electrics makes a great rectifier/regulator for the Yamaha Bolt which also works on many other Yamaha models.

Battery Chargers #


Jump Start Solutions #


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