Different Models

There are a few different variations on the Yamaha Bolt. All are based on the same engine and they have the same basic design as well as the same frame.

Variations between models #

The various stock models differ mostly between only a few aesthetic parts.

  • Types of shocks
  • Foot control position
  • Types of rims
  • Handlebar size
  • Seating position
  • Seat
  • Triple tree
  • Sub-frame for lifting seat and rear
  • Fairing cap
  • Engine cover, to look more “sporty”

Official versions #

  • Base model – 2014-2020
  • R-Spec (race, reduced weight, regular, not sure on the meaning of the R) – 2014-2020
  • C-Spec (cafe) – 2015-2016
  • SCR (scrambler) – 2017

Comparison #

The below table is a work in progress but gives a general idea of how the bikes differ.

SeatSolo SaddleSolo SaddleCafeScrambler
Foot ControlsMidMidRearRear
Handlebar Size1″1″7/8″ clip-ons7/8″
Triple TreeStandardStandardVariant SpecificStandard
Rims14-17: 12 Spoke Alloy Cast 18+: Steel Alloy 40 Spoke12 Spoke Alloy Cast12 Spoke Alloy CastSteel Alloy 40 Spoke
Sub-frame to lift seat and rearnononoyes
Engine Covernonoyesno
Flangeless tank2018+2018+noyes

Tank changes #

In 2018-current models the tank was changed to a flangeless design, likely inspired by the fact they put it on the 2017 SCR. This provides a cleaner look and an extra 0.2 gallons.

2021+ #

As of 2021 the base model bolt is no more. The only version of the bolt is the R-Spec. Meaning all bolts now come with canister shocks and cast wheels rather than spokes and standard shocks.

Regional variations #

A few countries sell variations on the parts and other details that come on the motorcycle.

Diamond Cut Alloy Cast RimsR-Spec only?
Racer Side PlatesRacer XV950
SCR Black Raven color optionSCR 2017

Stock Color Options #

Pearl WhiteBase
Raven BlackBaseR-SpecBaseBase SCR (EU only)BaseBaseBase
Black Metallic XR-Spec
Matte GrayR-Spec
Camo GreenR-Spec (black fenders)
Candy RedBase
Glacier BlueBase
Matte SilverR-SpecR-SpecR-Spec
Envy GreenC-Spec
Liquid SilverC-Spec
Deep BlueBase
Rapid RedR-SpecSCR
Stone GrayR-Spec
Desert BronzeC-Spec
Crimson RedR-Spec
Silver ShadowR-Spec
Charcoal SilverSCR (not EU)
Armor GrayR-Spec
Impact BlueR-Spec
Grayish Blue Metallic 4R-Spec
Storm GrayR-Spec

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